Coventry Cathedral

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s vision for the work of reconciliation is being developed through the Archbishop’s Reconciliation Ministry (ARM) based in Coventry Cathedral, who have been asked by Archbishop Justin to take the lead in supporting this ministry priority.

The ministry at Coventry takes its direction from Archbishop Justin with the aim to:

  • Promote his vision of a church living as a reconciled and reconciling community as a witness of its life together in Christ as it serves the wider world.
  • Develop appropriate initiatives to express his personal commitment to this vision and to do so within the life of the Church of England, the Anglican Communion and in response to ongoing violent conflict around the world.
  • Utilise the resource and significance of Coventry Cathedral as a PLACE of hope and healing, a STORY of significant post war reconciliation and a SPACE for encounter, reflection and learning.

In devolving this priority from Lambeth to Coventry, the Archbishop has recognised the uniqueness of a place which is held by many, especially internationally, as a symbol of hope for reconciliation after war, based on the Christian message of forgiveness and love of enemy.

Coventry Cathedral’s reconciliation vocation also ensures a sustainable context for the legacy of his ministry of reconciliation while Archbishop to flourish and be developed when he leaves office.